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Easily Manage One or Multiple Web Sites

Businesses are regularly faced with the problem of managing their web site offerings and controlling how their "brand" is used on the Internet. In many cases, web site growth and multi-site management is well beyond the scope and capabilities of the companies who use the Internet, and this includes not only small companies but very large companies as well.

We help companies sell more product by providing web-based field marketing tools and mechanisms for controlling your brand. Your company has spent significant time and money to hire and train your sales force. Now what are you giving them to help them be more successful for you?

The ability to easily control their web sites and their brand has been applauded by our clients.  Using our Managed Pages system, companies can easily release details of product or software releases, new market introductions, press releases, and other information to hundreds of thousands of web sites in mere seconds using our data-based technology. We have the capability to create a new web site or even a complete portal system instantly, and will demonstrate that capability right now on demand. Please see our FAQ page for more information.

Saphea works exclusively through a reseller network. Please use our contact form to either locate a reseller or to inquire about becoming a reseller.

Single- or Multi-Site Solutions

The Saphea Managed Pages system lets you control your web site by managing your content using only an Internet connection and your browser.

What sets Saphea ahead of the pack is all of the extra tools that you get with your site — at no extra charge — and all of the new tools and enhancements that are added for no extra charge.

What puts you on top is Saphea’s ability to manage multiple web sites and help you maintain a consistent look for your company on the Internet -- even across all of your branches, dealers, or sales-force, World-Wide, using our Portal virtual-page technology.

Whether you need one web site or one thousand, Saphea Managed Pages is Your Web Management Solution.